Chapter Four

Lake trout can get pretty big--they are often found in big lakes, with plenty of food, so they can be mighty hefty. But the one Jeff and Charlie find is downright gigantic. They get some pictures so those adults of little faith might believe them at last....

Chapter Eight

The key to the puzzle is a stratum--you know, a layer of rock. What does this have to do with that big "trout" in the cave? Well, the world-famous rock hound Professor Stratavarious is consulting....and anything can happen.

These revised pages now have a selection of the illustrations created by the late Charles Geer for the newly illustrated edition of The Big Kerplop!  We think that even though they were created almost 35 years after the original publication of the book, they still capture the essence of the gang and the action.

Illustrations used by permission of Bertrand R. Brinley, L.L.C.

Copyright © 2010 Sheridan Brinley

Chapter One

Harmon Muldoon does his best to ruin the fishing one foggy day on Strawberry Lake. But it is nothing compared to what a bomber does as it flies over the lake...Harmon and Jeff and Charlie want to try to find whatever kerplopped in the water, but they get hustled off the lake by the town police before they can look for it.

Chapter Two

Jeff and Charlie, and good ol' Harmon, of course, are pretty sure where that object is that fell in the lake, but no one will believe know, adults never believe what you tell 'em...then there's this kid with unruly hair that's kinda far out--real cerebral you know. He gets interested and things really start pitch darkness.

Chapter Three

Ever had an anomaly? One of those things that don't quite fit in a regular pattern? Well, things are getting complicated in Mammoth Falls. The townsfolk don't care about anomalies...they want some answers from their elected officials. Sound familiar? Well, it seems that the only guys interested in getting answers are that band led by Jeff and Henry Mulligan--the kid with the thatch of hair and the high IQ....

Chapter Five

Well, well now! What have we here? A streaker in one of the fine Mammoth Falls families? Or was he up late on the lake? He also has a funny last name... as does the fellow with the watermelons. Ever been in the melon business? Well, if you haven't, you'll get some pointers on how to unload your harvest.


Chapter Six

Damocles was a courtier in ancient Syracuse who had an unusual seat at a banquet...Seems the town of Mammoth Falls is in a similar pickle with a time bomb on its doorstep. Maybe Damocles had it easier.

Chapter Seven way to get that bomb out of the lake is to get the water out of the lake. That doesn't sit well with the folks in Mammoth Falls...but, unless someone comes up with a better idea, the government may have to drain Strawberry Lake. Enter the Mad Scientists.