First, about those rumblings...

Seismographs can tell you a lot. Most people hear about them when an earthquake is reported. But the Mad Scientists of Mammoth Falls have found another use for them. And that gets them into trouble with criminals. Of course, the adults in Mammoth Falls--this time in the person of the long-suffering police chief Harold Putney--don't believe what the kids are telling them. But then, they don't have much faith in squiggly lines on a piece of paper.


SYNOPSES from The New Adventures of the Mad Scientists' Club

... Mrs. Mulligan came bustling in with a cup of tea for Colonel March and a plate of cucumber sandwiches. "Won't you have a cup of tea, Colonel March? It will do you good," she said. "You must be a very busy man just now. My, isn't this flying saucer business a caution, though....."

Just another quiet day in Mammoth Falls. Or is it? What is this about flying saucers? Or about those rumblings in the ground in the wee hours of the morning....or a midget submarine and a hidden cavern? Or a ritual sun dance?

With evidence like this, our seven young geniuses can't be far away. And they're not! The town of Mammoth Falls isn't ready, but here they come again with five more madcap adventures.

Illustrations used by permission of Bertrand R. Brinley, L.L.C.

Copyright © 2010 Sheridan Brinley

Now for some underwater work...

How did the Mad Scientists get that submarine into a hidden cavern? Worse yet, how did Harmon Muldoon's gang get into the cavern? What's this about a submarine, anyway? Aren't they pretty complicated? Not for the Mad Scientists: they buy one ready-made. But Harmon has a trick or two up his sleeve that prove he isn't a dummy.

Dinky Poore has faith, though. He believes flying saucers are the "in" thing. He's adamant, and it gets Henry Mulligan thinking along practical lines. Why not build one? The last time the Mad Scientists built something, people thought Strawberry Lake was home to a sea monster. Stay tuned. This time the U.S. Air Force gets involved--which is why Colonel March is eating cucumber sandwiches at Henry Mulligan's--and things get down right dangerous for our zany band.
Speaking of water, it's too bad Henry Mulligan and the rest of the gang aren't around the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic right now. We could sure use 'em and their rainmaking, as it has been a dry winter and it looks like a drought this year. Trouble is, once the rain gets turned on, it's hard to stop. As Henry tells a wet Mayor Scragg, "Nobody has ever figured out a way to make it stop raining." Nobody but some town matrons dressed up as Indians.....well, we'll let you find out for yourself.
Ever had a talented dog around the house? One that can leap tall buildings, swim broad rivers....

Dinky Poore and fat Freddy Muldoon get themselves kidnapped and are marooned on an island in Strawberry Lake. It looks pretty grim until Dinky proves once again that man's best friend comes with four paws and wearing his own fur.